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We are dedicated to the betterment of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. Our passion lies in the training and titling of American Pit Bull Terriers in the areas of conformation, weight pull, competition obedience, agility, dock diving and dog sport. We believe in the concept of the total dog. All form without any function is no good, as no breed of dog was bred specifically to walk around a show ring. We participate in the therapy dog programs as well as in the CGC program as evaluators and the ADBA Safe Dogs program. All work and no rescue would make things dull. The team is active with various rescue groups on local and national levels, giving of ourselves and our time whenever we can. We hope to always promote this breed in a positive light by doing all that we can to educate the masses about these wonderful dogs!

                                Team No F.E.A.R. Working APBT Trains and Competes in The Following:
Competitive Obedience
Rally Obedience
Weight Pulling
Iron Dog
French Ring
Personal Protection
Dock Diving
Therapy Dog
Protection Tournaments
Nose Work
Barn Hunt


Dog Fancy Presents: American Pit Bull Terriers
Volume 45, 2nd Edition

Barn Hunt has come to Houston!!!

We will be holding group and private classes in the Heights and Magnolia areas. Join our group on Facebook Houston No F.E.A.R. Barn hunt club or call Clay at 4047833437 or email us @ We look forward to training and having a great time in this exciting and steadily growing sport!

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