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    -W. Clay Fonvielle-



Hall of Fame Committee: Dalana Huss, Okye Laster, Lisa Berry, Leri Hanson, Liz Moreno, Clay Fonvielle, Andrea Johnson, Joni Jankowski





The history of the American Pit Bull Terrier is storied one that dates back over  two centuries.  This history is one of  triumph and loss, victory and heartbreak.  On multiple occasions, it seemed as if this breed may be wiped off of the face of the planet.  At these moments, men and women who were dedicated to the cause made it a point to make a difference.  They stood up to Breed Specific Legislation(BSL) and they made it a point to paint our breed in a more positive light.  Over the decades, there have been some tremendous specimens in this breed that have shared their talents with the world.  That being said, the typical reaction that you get when you mention the American Pit Bull Terrier is “oh, fighting dog.”  Other than Pal who played Pete on The Little Rascals or Sergeant Stubby of World War I fame, the typical names that are brought up when mentioning American Pit Bull Terriers are those of dogs who were famous for excelling at the blood sport of dog fighting, now illegal in the United States.  It is for this reason and more that owners and fanciers of this breed who are concerned with continuing to pass on the rich heritage of the American Pit Bull Terrier decided to compile a Hall of Fame, comprised of American Pit Bull Terriers who over the last 20 years have demonstrated qualities worthy of having their names live on forever in the annals of the history of this special breed.  American Pit Bull Terrier Hall of Fame appears on the Team No F.E.A.R. Working APBT site and was originally the brain child of one of the members.  However, this is NOT a TNF project.  Once the vision was discussed with other owners, they immediately jumped at the chance to be a part of this.  You will certainly not find only TNF dogs in the Hall of Fame.  The HOF will be impartial and made up of individuals and their dogs from a variety of backgrounds.  I say again that the selections will be IMPARTIAL. Even if there are great personal differences/dislike, etc, if your dog belongs here, he or she WILL be here.  The first round of dogs to enter the Hall of Fame are dogs that have made contributions that can not be overlooked by anyone who knows the breed and their capabilities. These are dogs who have accomplished feats that others have not accomplished.  More importantly, these dogs DID IT IN STYLE! This will be part of the criteria that will determine whether or not a dog will be eligible for this Hall of Fame.  Each dog will have a bio and or a story that has been put together by someone with intimate knowledge of the dog, typically the owner.  Once your dog has been inducted into the Hall of Fame, you now have a vote.  The dogs can be any dog, living or dead within the last 20 years . Whether or not the dog is a conformation champion or a serious performance dog or both, it is up to you, the owner and voice for your dog to help us understand what it is about your dog that warrants entrance into the American Pit Bull Terrier Hall of Fame. This is a effort in its infancy and I am sure over time, there will be changes made.  However, there are dogs who deserve recognition NOW and we aim to recognize them. Please bear in mind that there has never been anything like this in our breed and we are doing our best to make it great.  Positive comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.  Thank you for your time and for your commitment to the best breed of dog on G-d’s earth, the American Pit Bull Terrier.