D. Brewster and Rhea

All I can do is thank Clay again. Rhea's honestly a whole different dog far as focus goes. Prior to her stint in Texas this bitch was the rudest little shit I've ever dealt with. I couldn't get her to focus on nothing but food and flirt pole... But now she understands her role and does it well in my opinion. Since getting her back from her training, I have now started competing and placing in weight pull competitions and I am looking forward to starting Irondog and Rally Obedience with her soon.

Rylie and Indi
Maypearl, Texas

Thank you Clay for changing our lives. Before we met Clay, we had been mislead by a trainer in our area who claimed to be qualified to train service dogs.  My daughter  Rylie's young service dog Doberman Indi was getting to be a problem and she wasn't able to help Rylie like we had intended. We made the four hour drive to Houston and dropped our baby off. When we returned a few weeks later, we saw a totally different dog! Rylie and Indi are inseparable and Indi is so much easier to deal with now. I have every confidence that my teenage daughter will be ok when her four legged buddy is with her, helping her to accomplish every day tasks and making her life so much easier. We can't wait to begin with Indi's advanced training. Thanks again for everything Clay!

Darius Slaughter and Riley
Houston, TX

Thanks for all your hard work and patience Clay. This boy had ENORMOUS potential as a pup but mishandling and maltreatment had him skiddish and unpredictable. Thanks to you he can now lead a full and happy life in the Big City. The change in his behavior and his obedience (as he had none ) is astounding. I'm looking forward to getting his CGC and continuing to hone his obedience.

 Valerie Stevens & Kane
   Huntersville, NC

My nickname for Clay is Dog Whisperer...there is NOTHING he can't accomplish!! But even more impressive is that he takes the time to explain the basis of his training, makes sure you understand the final outcome of what you are trying to achieve with each exercise and more importantly is honest regarding what YOUR expectations are versus what your DOG's abilities are or where they are located!

 The Stelly's & Rascal

Beaumont, TX
Thank you Clay for working with Rascal our Old English Bulldog on becoming the ultimate personal companion.

I can’t say how happy I am with the training that my girl Zoe has received with Clay over the last several months. I take my pup with me EVERYWHERE and she is super well mannered and listens to me perfectly on and off leash. Clay is always willing to travel to wherever I’m training or playing to make sure that I can get in some work with Zoe. I can’t wait to continue with the training as she gets older.  
Olivier Vernon #54 New York Giants 

Yvonne Ogandi & Bobby Brown

Houston, TX
As the proud owner of Mr. B it was a great experience with Clay's Team No F.E.A.R. As a 1st time APBT owner it was critical for me to find the right trainer that was not only knowledgeable about the breed but loved the breed. Several of my family members including my 62 yr old grandmother worked w/ Bobby. Bobby is now a well trained PB and I'm soooo very thankful we invested in obedience training with Clay and Team No F.E.A.R., And highly recommend them to all new and current APBT owners.

Maggie Janik-Wood
Houston, TX

Thank you Clay! I took Tank to a dock jumping all by myself today and he jumped 24'6! Before your training all I could get him to do was 19 at best! He did a perfect "stay" for me!  Tank is so good at the "stay" right now, I went to the dock and brought our other dog and had Tank "stay" so I could throw Odins ball first.

Helene Hines & Charlie
New York, NY

Clay, I want to take another opportunity to thank you for bringing Charlie into our lives. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 30 years ago and I had my first service dog, my beloved Kyler for 12 years. When Kyler passed away, he left a void and and hole in the heart of our family that I didn't think could ever be filled. That was until I met Clay . Clay selected and trained our Charlie for us. My husband George and I came to Houston to visit with Charlie for a few days so that we could get to know him and begin to work with him. A couple of months later, Clay flew to New York and delivered Charlie to us. My puppy is so smart. He goes to advanced obedience classes, where he is a rock star. He assists me with chores in and out of the home and he is my shadow, seldom leaving my side in this busy city! You picked a winner and trained him well Clay. He is family and we love him! We took Charlie to the movies the other day. He stayed in a perfect down for the whole movie. We also took him to synagogue Friday night for services and for a lecture afterwards. This lasted three hours and again, Charlie was PERFECT! Some of the things that Charlie does, you just can not teach a dog. I thank you every day for giving us such joy and love. You have made George and I so happy.

Corey White of the  Buffalo Bills
Playing in the NFL is very demanding on my time. My job takes me all over the country and I may move at a moment's notice. I'm glad that I am always able to count on Clay for the best quality training and boarding or my dogs at anytime. 

Marisa and Luthor

Magnolia, Texas

My family and I are extremely happy with the work that Clay has done with Luthor so far. At barely six months old, Clay has turned him into a well mannered, obedient young dog. Luthor is my eleven year old son's playmate and originally I was unsure whether or not he would be bored by the training. As soon as Luthor came home last week, my son took to the training and he works with his buddy daily. I love watching the bond between these two grow daily. Thanks so much Clay. We look forward to working on Luthor's protection and advanced training with you Clay. Thanks to you and Team No F.E.A.R!

Melanie Thomas & Tom Ellison

Dallas, TX

Our dogs look amazing! We went down to train with them last weekend.  Gretel is so toned! Malachi has slimmed down and is starting to build a lot of muscle.  They are both doing great with their training.  Walking Malachi on a leash without him acting like a bronco is a new and fabulous development.  They both adore Clay.  They're ready to work when the leashes go on and have made so much progress.  Thanks to Clay for taking on our "kids" and for researching the breed to learn as much about their personalities as he could to help them reach their potential.  We are so happy with the level they are currently at.  We knew after the first phone call with Clay, that he was the right guy. 

Tony Arnaud & Patron

Church Point, Louisiana
     Thank you Clay for all your hard work. Patron's obedience is very good. I'm so happy with his training.